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Femina, 12-Dec-2011: Eksotisme Kathmandu






LIBURING (In Indonesian: ‘Libur’ means ‘Holiday’, so I am on holiday!:)

 ” I love travelling! (who doesn’t?), but as a slow traveler, I prefer to do so on my own or with just a few friends as to be more flexible in my explorations. I prefer taking pictures of sharks rather than of myself, or sipping the local Jordanian black coffee instead of shopping in Los Angeles.

I wish I could be rich by writing and taking photos, if I could. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda. That’s what’s keeping me still working for a USA-based IT software corporation in Jakarta. My fave city is San Francisco and I would not mind to moving to New York, only if I was the next ‘Apprentice’. I describe myself as a fun diver at 18m depth max, clear water, 10m visibility, no current, with lotsa fish and colorful corals such as in Bunaken and Wakatobi, and oh, I like all kinds of food including jungle rats and bats, as those are on the daily menu back in my hometown, Manado. :)”