INDONESIA: Amanjiwo, Yogyakarta

Amanjiwo (peaceful soul) rests in the rural heartland of Central Java. The resort is located within a natural amphitheatre, with the limestone Menoreh Hills rising gently behind, the Kedu Plain in front and four volcanoes (Sumbing and Sundoro to the west, Merbabu and Merapi to the east) on the horizon. Amanjiwo looks out onto the 9th-century Buddhist sanctuary of Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several villages are within walking distance of the resort.

The most important island in the world’s largest archipelago, Java is at the centre of Indonesian culture and industry. Stretching more than 1,000 kilometres, Java is framed by the Indian Ocean to the south and the Java Sea to the north, with Sumatra bordering its west coast and Bali immediately to the east. The volcanic, ruggedly beautiful island of Java is about the size of England. Its population, however, is about 105 million – nearly half of Indonesia’s entire population.

Amanjiwo can be reached by several daily domestic flights to Yogyakarta and Solo from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, Bali or Singapore. Amanjiwo is a one-hour complimentary transfer from Yogyakarta, or two hours on the more scenic route from Solo, which passes some of the biggest volcanoes in Java. There are direct flights to Solo three times a week from Singapore, and a twice-daily service from Kuala Lumpur. A complimentary concierge arrival service is available for all guests arriving at Solo Airport. For guests arriving at Jakarta, the service is also available at a special rate of $40 per person. Due to airport restrictions, this service is no longer available at Yogyakarta.

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