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  1. nezdn says:

    Debbie Wibowo, Brenda Thanos Lefrandt, Brenda Lefrandt Thanos and 9 others like this.
    Tetty Schoe-Taroli ‎@N, Wow, Bravo again N, that’s Exquisite!…Jadi pengen ke Hanoi beneerrr!! @Alfa, next 2 yrs, ok?
    October 31 at 9:24pm · Like: Hansel Mario Widjaja Awesome Photos! :jempol:
    October 31 at 11:24pm · Like: Eyi Rampengan WOW this is so cool! amazing story about Viet and love all the pictures!! especially ngoni 2 pe foto on the boat.. keren banget!! Good job N!
    November 1 at 12:14am · Like: Thanks all for the jempol2..
    November 1 at 7:22am · Like: Irke Rombot Omgsh,,,,,,keren sekaLeeee,,, Banyak tampa dudu masih kosong tre,,,Next time boleh mo Book???
    November 1 at 8:08am · Like: Vierna Pj cool…. bravo. good job, N
    November 1 at 8:28am · Like: Venda Mokoagow wowwwwwwwww……. keren!!!!! ternyata mantap banget tu tampa2 yang ngana ada tulis, A.. sampe kapan stay di Hanoi? so boleh mo ator schedule ka sana…MANTAP Nov!!!!
    November 1 at 10:27am · Like: Nez Dn thanks all …
    November 1 at 12:19pm · Like: Alfa Singkoh Great article Nov!Mari jo datang ulang.Ngoni samua rame2 kamari kong tong booking tu calypso cruise (-:
    November 1 at 8:18pm · Like: Brenda Lefrandt Thanos congrats my dear !!!!
    November 1 at 8:21pm · Like: Debbie Wibowo congrats, N!

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