A Walk of Faith to Mount Sinai (Venture, Nov/Dec, 2010)


  A Walk of Faith to Mount Sinai, published in Venture Magazine, Nov/Dec, 2010-pg 1&2

A Walk of Faith to Mount Sinai, published in Venture Magazine, Nov/Dec, 2010-pg 3&4

Read article: A Walk of Faith to Mount Sinai

This article is one of the most outstanding feature story in Venture 2nd Anniversary edition – 2012

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  1. nezdn says:

    Alfa Singkoh, Charles Schuster, Felicia Fonny Languju and 13 others like this.

    Diwin Hartono Love this article and the most is.. “The spirit that my mother showed kept me moving forward.She said again, this climb should be religiously based, because life’s journey should be lived with faith and trust, not by seeing.If we see a lot of problems, we might live in fear.However, if we hold on to God’s promise, we can deal with the steep steps until the end to see the miracle of God.”
    November 6 at 10:29am via Facebook Mobile: Nez Dn Thanks Diwin … yes, agreed. I wrote this article with passion and to toast my mother’s spirit to fight her illness that time and she won the miracle. She’ll be 80 yrs old next week!:)

    November 6 at 10:35am · Like: Ariette A Talumewo Love this Nova. Touches everyone’s heart- mostly… lifts my religious overview…

    November 6 at 11:28am via Facebook Mobile: David Folchi N, Thanks for sharing this. I too have become much more spiritual and like your mother, fighting an illness can open your eyes. I can’t see making it to this part of the world now, but you never know, at least through your article I can feel it. Cio. Df

    November 6 at 11:40am : Perucha Hutagaol Good job, Nov!
    November 6 at 1:43pm · Like: Brenda Thanos Lefrandt Great dear …am proud of you … :)))
    November 6 at 4:19pm · Sylvia M. Siregar As always, great article, Nov. Thks for sharing your spiritual experience… 🙂
    November 6 at 7:29pm via Facebook Mobile · Tetty Schoe-Taroli Excellent! Very good present for Mama Lenny!
    November 6 at 9:21pm · Debbie Wibowo congrats, N! love the article and all the pics are amazing! you have such an amazing talent as writer and photographer!
    November 6 at 9:28pm · Eyi Rampengan ooohh my!! one of thousand places to see before i die *in my dream hehe* lucky you! .. anyway, spectacular view from your pictures! well done N
    November 6 at 11:01pm · Sita Dercon-Kakiailatu I always want to go there, but no chance yet……….thx for sharing it with me
    November 7 at 12:00am · Laki Gushary one of the best of many articles you’ve written. Full of stories 🙂 Bet it was marvelous witnessing the transition from “dark to light.. light to dark.. dark to light” from the summit! Nice “grand”mother quote by the way. haha..
    November 7 at 1:04am · Venda Mokoagow it was a lovely present to ur mom for her 80th years old.. the article makes me wanna go there (again..).
    November 8 at 12:20pm · Like: Nadya Fauzia Rozavian-Wenyi What a wonderful world…….
    November 8 at 7:32pm · Like: Fabiola Maria Love this darling ..
    November 9 at 2:52am · Like: Alfa Singkoh Very nice article Nov.It’s inspiring me in so many aspects included the desire to visit this holy land is even more.Thanks for sharing..GBU.

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